3 Angels: Mommies, Daddies, and Me on a Friday

A mother with a baby in a sling walked in. “Is anyone else here?” she asked Jerry, the affable owner of Three Angels by the Park. “Yeah, the other parents are in the back. What can I get for you?” She ordered and he said, “Alright, you go ahead and I’ll bring it to you in a moment.”

I was growing more and more curious, a smattering of parents were in the back of the coffee house with bagels and drinks while their children were playing. I found out that on every Friday a group comes together for “Mommy and Me.” Someone charmingly introduced her baby to Jerry as her “Me.” A father of three himself, I imagine that Jerry is sensitive to the need for parents to get together.

I asked if I could take some photos and he suggested that I talk to one of the organizers of the group, Wei Wei Coleman. She told me that the meetups were an offshoot from the BushRidge Parents Group on Facebook, which also includes art classes at the Living Gallery and Baby and Me Yoga at the Cobra Club.

As nap time approached, I slipped in and sat near the play area. Xylophones and very polite playing were prevalent:







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