Faro’s Chef Kevin Adey Will Open a Sichuan Restaurant in Cafe Ghia’s Old Location

Micah Paisner


It didn’t take long for a new venture to take over Cafe Ghia’s iconic Irving Avenue location. The brunch staple served its last plate of eggs on April 30, and already we have—surprisingly—good news regarding what will be replacing it. Chef Kevin Adey and his team behind Faro plan to open General Debs, a restaurant specializing in Sichuan cuisine, in the old Ghia spot.

General Debs will serve as Bushwick’s first Sichuan restaurant with a focus on noodles, dumplings, and other Sichuan staples like mapo tofu. While this will be Chef Adey’s first venture outside the world of new American fare, the fit makes perfect sense with his skill for making handmade noodles at his current restaurant down the block.

He told Eater that he has experimenting with Sichuan recipes for a decade at home. “I know that you can go to different parts of the city and get extremely authentic, amazingly tasting, great Sichuan dishes,” Adey said. “But they’re just not around here. I’m trying to bring a little of that to Bushwick.”

And we can all look still forward to locally sourced organic veggies and pasture raised animals that we’ve all come to expect from Chef Adey both at Faro and at the also-closed Northeast Kingdom.

In November 2016, Faro received a Michelin star, only a year and a half after opening. With General Debs, Chef Adey promises a more casual environment than Faro with overall lower price points, which means the lines we came to know at Ghia will return sooner than we expected.

Featured image courtesy of Gafe Ghia.

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