Newyorktitlan, an amazing new eatery on Bushwick’s Gates Avenue, quietly opened its doors this summer, and since opening day, its proprietors have been hard at work putting a modern spin on the classic Mexican taqueria or cafeteria. The small, family owned storefront off of the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues stop on the L and the M trains is run by husband and wife duo Julio Cuellar Jimenez and Enriqueta Pastor Martinez, and is absolutely worth a visit.

Both Jimenez and Martinez grew up in Mexico and have lived in the Bushwick area for a little over a decade.

They’ve worked in the restaurant industry for much of their time in New York, but they developed their passions for food and cooking long before that, cooking for their respective families back home in Mexico.

“When you work in a restaurant,” Julio explains, “you always have the idea to get your own little spot. Hopefully this is just the beginning.”

The current menu at Newyorktitlan consists of small plates, including menu staples such as breakfast items, tacos, and quesadillas, which are all prepared with fresh masa, a traditional Mexican dough.

In addition to these classics, Julio and Enriqueta like to experiment in the kitchen, which is where the “modern twist” comes in. The house offers two changing appetizer and entree specials, which are truly innovative and delicious, not to mention beautifully plated.

The specials change as inspiration strikes; recent dishes include a salmon tartare topped with black sesame seeds and served on a tostado, and the chef’s take on a Caesar Salad, with full romaine leaves, a tangy dressing, and a thinly sliced toasted bagel in place of croutons.

For dessert, try the rosemary-infused Madagascar vanilla ice cream, which is made in house, or the passion fruit tart, which is garnished with traditional Mexican animal cookies and white chocolate shavings.

“We want to experiment with different techniques and grow the menu over time— I even have the idea to one day do a tasting menu!” Julio muses.

This unassuming, delightful little eatery is home to some delicious surprises. Don’t overlook this spot—it’s definitely worth a visit!



A classic, family-run taqueria with a modern twist.

 1525 Gates Ave between Irving Ave and Wyckoff Ave

 Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm but subject to change.


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All photos courtesy of NEWYORKTITLAN.