Héctor Márquez, former head chef of both 983 Bushwick’s Living Room and its predecessor Life Cafe, has a new gig: he’s the head chef at Taqueria Santa Fe, a Mexican restaurant with three different locations in Woodside, Sunnyside, and now, Bushwick (located at 214 Stanhope Street).

983 is still keeping Bushwick satisfied and happy with new hands guiding the kitchen, but Márquez’s influence was a major factor in the eatery’s initial rise and sustained success, a feat he hopes to repeat at his new place of business. Taqueria Santa Fe is located on residential Stanhope street off of Knickerbocker, and it is basically taco paradise.

A steak taco at Taqueria Santa Fe. Photo by Cristin Noonan for Bushwick Daily.

The interior of the restaurant has sleek red and black decor, and the artwork on its walls depict a Mexican landscape. While the space initially appears small (and technically is), the tables, which seat four, and the counter, with seating for about ten people, make the space truly accommodating. The employees, some of whom are also current and former 983 employees who came with Márquez to his new venture, are attentive, thoughtful and capable, which further enhances the ambiance.

The front of house staff at Bushwick’s Taqueria Santa Fe. Photo by Cristin Noonan for Bushwick Daily.

Tacos cost $2.50 apiece ordered individually. If you eat meat, order the grilled steak and Mexican sausage; it’s profoundly satisfying. A meal of three tacos is $6, 10 tacos costs $18 and comes with two free sodas, and a spread of twenty-five tacos is $39 and can be ordered to go for a taco party (arguably the best kind of party there is).

The Al Pastor taco at Bushwick’s Taqueria Santa Fe. Photo by Cristin Noonan for Bushwick Daily.

In addition to the rich taco offerings, the menu features excellent quesadillas ($7), Santa Fe style grilled sandwiches (filled with meat, roasted peppers, onions, tomatoes and jalapeños) ($7), a plato Santa Fe ($9), nachos ($8), and burritos ($8).

Though the menu is largely comprised of meat dishes in keeping with the cuisine of Mexico City (the Santa Fe of the restaurant’s name is a district in Mexico City, not the capital of the American state of New Mexico), vegetarians can opt for the avocado version of each menu item, which comes with roasted green and red peppers and tomatoes in addition to the avo.

A vegetarian taco at Taqueria Santa Fe. Cristin Noonan for Bushwick Daily.

Taqueria Santa Fe opened in the spring, and is already rocking an A grade from the Department of Health as well as a killer 5 star rating on Yelp! Head on over to 214 Stanhope—and buen provecho, Bushwick!

Taqueria Santa Fe on Bushwick’s Stanhope Street. Cristin Noonan for Bushwick Daily.


Taqueria Santa Fe

An intimate Bushwick restaurant serving tacos and other dishes in the culinary tradition of Mexico City.

 214 Stanhope Street between Knickerbocker Avenue and Iriving Avenue near the Knickerbocker Avenue stop on the M train

 no website

 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.

 (718) 455-5012.

No social media pages.

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