This article is sponsored by Lorenzo’s

Photo: Jeremy Nguyen for Bushwick Daily

Let us let you in on a secret. Not spending Thanksgiving with your family while “stranded” in Bushwick is actually a lot of fun. For one, the neighborhood gets quieter and you can truly feel like you’re in charge around here. Another reason is that Bushwick is a home to many sought after restaurants such as Lorenzo’s at 19 Wyckoff Ave who have prepared something really special for Thanksgiving.

Because let’s face it, while your family may be really good at preparing the Thanksgiving meal, it’s unlikely that they are better than these guys (I mean, have you tried that rotisserie chicken?!)

This Thanksgiving, Lorenzo’s team will be serving a $25 per head pre-fix dinner consisting of the following:

For the Table – Jicama & Apple Salad

Fried Brussel Sprouts- panela, manzano chili, lime

Per Person – Rotisserie Turkey Plate- dark meat croquette, smokey gravy, stuffin muffin, sweet potatoes, sage, cranberry sauce

Dessert – Pumpkin Flan- almond brittle

Drink – boozy hot drink

In addition to the pre-fixe menu they will be serving their regular menu, and after midnight – Turkey Sammiches on rye, cranberry sauce, chopped salad for just $10. Yum!

Your mom would be proud of you for eating this well on Thanksgiving all while spending this little. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint your mom, would you?

Thanksgiving at Lorenzo’s, 19 Wyckoff Avenue, $25 a head, 3 courses + a boozy hot drink, open from 5pm – 4am. Please email [email protected] to reserve a space, or, just come on down on the 26th!