Photos via The Rack Shack

Sorry, guys. This one’s for all the ladies.

A new lingerie and sneaker store, called The Rack Shack, is opening in Bushwick – and it needs your help! Tired of the selection of bras in stores for bustier women, Bushwick resident Laura Henny decided something had to be done. “It’s so important to touch, feel, and try on lingerie,” she says.

That’s why Henny created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a brick-and-mortar shop in Bushwick selling women’s lingerie and sneakers. Why sneakers, you ask? According to Henny, “the feeling I got with buying new sneakers was the opposite [of buying a bra].┬áThe perfect pair of sneakers can make the most basic outfit look funky, sexy and even chic.”

Laura Henny

The store will carry exclusive brands for bustier women not readily available in stores, as well as fly-as-hell sneakers. They signed a lease on a storefront in Bushwick and are set to open next month, but The Rack Shack hopes to raise $10,000 to fund startup costs and stock the “extra special brands.”

Whether you’re an AA or an L cup, the Rack Shack will have you covered. Literally.

The Rack Shack has 11 days left to complete its 10,000 goal. Currently, they have raised $2,500.