LuvJo coffee at Mixtape

The recently launched, Bushwick-made LuvJo app is “paying it forward” during the month of October. They’ll be giving away a free coffee beverage each day at numerous Bushwick cafes who are currently using the LuvJo app. We love feel-good stories and especially free coffee!

LuvJo allows you to get your morning coffee without wasting any time. The app, available now on iOS, lets you order and pay for your morning coffee or breakfast and pick it up at the exact time of your choosing. Now, LuvJo is starting a new “pay it forward” month-long promotion beginning on October 1st to brighten a lucky stranger’s day.

During the “pay it forward” promotion, LuvJo will be sending an order each day to local Bushwick cafes for a coffee beverage to be given free of charge to their customers. So far, Little Skips Outpost, Mixtape, Stateside and Kave will all be participating.

“We read an article in the New York Times about ‘Suspended Coffee,’ which started in Italy. We really like the idea of brightening up a strangers day with a gift of coffee and thought we could do this in Bushwick in our own small way,” said LuvJo’s CEO, Tony Kidd.

Bushwick Daily is happy to see small businesses “paying it forward” in the community. If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets a free coffee during the month-long October promotion, we hope you’ll pay it forward to a stranger, too.

Logo courtesy of LuvJo

Download LuvJo for iOS here. (Android coming soon.)