Tasting Sixpoint’s New Sea Salt Brew, Jammer


It’s funny how something as simple as sea salt can turn any treat into something even more indulgent. Yes, ice cream is great. Cookies are great. But when salted caramel ice cream and sea salt chocolate chip cookies are presented in front of me, there’s no turning back!

Now imagine sea salt with another kind of treat. A refreshing, summer treat to bring on adventures with friends. Beer. Specifically Sixpoint. Seems to good to be true, right? We assure you it’s not-– with one can of Sixpoint’s latest release, Jammer.

Jammer truly is a beauty inside and out. For starters, the brew is fermented with hand-harvested sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Company, a leader in the Pacific Northwest for finishing salt. I consider the brew a good gateway into gose beers because although there is an emphasis on salt within the flavor, traditional gose beers tend to be a bit more tart and pungent.


When Jammer is poured, an attractive deep gold hue makes itself known and is contrasted with a billowing, white head – which thins out relatively fast. Coriander and sea salt direct the aroma; the scent literally reminds me of the misty sea salt air that you’d experience at the beach. Even so, there are hints of citrus and tropical fruit balancing out the fragrance.

Upon tasting, there is a smooth mouthfeel despite the fact that sourness is present – from the sea salt lingering on your taste buds for an extra few moments. Jammer doesn’t necessarily taste sour though; it is juxtaposed with faint malty and bready flavors that would otherwise go unnoticed. However the brew definitely has to be chilled. It wouldn’t feel as clean and crisp otherwise – not to mention the fresh kick from the sea salt.


The sea salt itself (before it’s fermented) is beautiful in appearance, almost crystal-like and clean in taste. It is harvested by hand in Oregon and then is prepared for filtering, boiling and eventually pouring the seawater in pans for evaporation. I recommend having Jammer on draft because the quality of the salt comes through more – than in cans.

Jammer is a session brew with an ABV of 4.2% – perfect for the beach, picnics and rooftop hangs. It’s great on its own, but if you want to get fancy, I’d recommend seafood and Thai cuisine for fun food pairings!

Sixpoint is currently collaborating with some great Manhattan-based mixologists, so stay on the lookout for ‘Jammer cocktails’ soon.

Sixpoint Jammer is available at the following Bushwick establishments: Cafe GhiaPine Box Rock ShopBizarre983SkytownAnchored InnThe Well and Julia’s Beer and Wine Bar. To discover all Sixpoint beers in the Bushwick area, download the Sixpoint Beer Finder app!

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