Essential Guide to Bushwick’s Best Mexican Food

Everyone who’s lived in Bushwick knows that we have food that hails from all around the world. From the Americas to Asia, Bushwick has it covered! The best part is that to explore the best international dishes you don’t need a plane ticket or even a Metrocard! Today we’re rounding up the best of Bushwick’s Mexican cuisine because duuh Bushwick is the home to dozens of taquerias including the particularly famed, Tortilleria Los Hermanos. (Also three of Bushwick taquerias made it to Village Voice’s list of 99 Essential NYC Restaurants. Shoutouts to Cholula Deli, Taqueria Izucar and of course, Los Hermanos. Congratulations!)

Here’s a list of our favorite Mexican dishes here in Bushwick:

#1 Chill-Chilaquiles from Carrera’s, $7

915 Flushing Avenue

Photo by Dallas Athent for Bushwick Daily

We previously did an article on just how much we love the chilaquiles at Carrera’s. “The richness of the flavor mixed with the crispy texture gives you a surprise, deepening the flavor with every eggy bite” says it all!

#2 Perfected-Al-Pastor-Taco from Mesa Azteca, $3.50

91 Wyckoff Ave


This pineapple marinated pork is made with a special chile sauce and is served on a soft corn tortilla with guacamole, cilantro and more!

#3  Basically the Best Chorizo Quesadilla from Los Hermanos, $4

271 Starr Street

Photo from Yelp

While Los Hermanos was made famous for their tacos, the chorizo quesadilla is secretly the locals’ favorite. The chorizo is ground into delectable little pieces and served with stringy cheese and avocado. Mmmmmm.

#4 Better-than-Coffee-at-a-Cafe Con Leche from Gaby’s Bakery, $1

238 Knickerbocker Ave

Some chocolate muffins from Gaby’s Bakery. Be sure to grab one to go with your delish Cafe Con Leche!

When you eat tons of amazing food you go into a food coma and really need caffeine. Gaby’s Bakery is always stacked with Cafe Con Leche that’s both affordable and served quickly. While you’re there you might as well grab dessert.

#5 Unforgettable Fajitas from El Mio Cid, $16.95

50 Starr Street


This Michelin-rated restaurant boasts the best Spanish food in Bushwick, but they’ve ventured across the Atlantic with their take on a Tex-Mex favorite: fajitas. Sizzling and tantalizing, these fajitas are a must-try.

#6 Heavenly Huevos Rancheros from Chinantla, $7

657 Myrtle Avenue

Photo via Yelp.

Chinanlta is not skimpy with the food. This hangover cure could easily be two meals…unless you’re really hungover: then you better keep the portion to yourself. Although this place is technically in Bed Stuy, they deliver as early as 10 a.m. in Bushwick (sometimes before!) so you can get your fix well before the afternoon rush.

#7 Must-Have Margarita from Pine Box Rock Shop, $7

112 Grattan Avenue

You can order a vegan empanada to go with your margarita. Photo via Yelp

Possibly the only vegan item we have on this list is also served in a vegan bar. This treat isn’t cheap with the tequila and will definitely help take the edge off. While enjoying your drink also try one of the vegan empanadas. The Philly-Cheese-Steak is an all time favorite.

#8 Bangin’ Cesina Burrito from Mally’s Deli and Grocery, $5.50

199 Knickerbocker Ave

Photo via Yelp

What’s that you say? A burrito for less than $6 and it’s perfectly salted and stuffed? Anything is possible on Knickerbocker Avenue! Drop by this local favorite and get one to go. Then dive head first into the incredible experience of this Cesina burrito.

#9 Perfect Paloma from La Lupe, $11

9 Jefferson Street

Photo by Bridget Kenny

When you’re in need of feeling refreshed, this drink is here for you! Grapefruit soda, mezcal, lime, and chili salt will give you the feeling you’re on a beach.

#10 Tantalizing Tamales from Guadalajara de Dia 1, $1.50

134 Wyckoff Ave

Photo via Yelp

This Mexican deli has everything you could possibly want on the go. Their tamales are boiled to perfection so each bite comes with a starchy crunch.

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