All photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

One of the neighborhood’s most popular coffee shops, Little Skips located at 941 Willoughby Ave has a little brother, Little MO to be precise. Little MO, a friendly Asian fusion restaurant has just opened for friends and family this past Monday and Tuesday at 1158 Myrtle Ave, and is gearing towards opening “for real” after this weekend.

Linda Thach opened Little Skips five years ago as a young but fearless entrepreneur and started what without a doubt has been a new chapter in the life of Bushwick under the JMZ tracks.  Now the time has come for Little Skips to expand. “I wanted to create a restaurant in the same style like Little Skips,” she told us yesterday night. “You come in and order at the counter. Although we do have a runner here who brings you food,” she added. “It will be fast, casual, and delicious Asian fusion food,” Linda said.

Little MO has a pleasant wooden interior welcoming to groups of friends as well as solo-quick-bite seekers.

Linda’s family comes from Cambodia and she told us that she has been wanting to recreate the flavors and smells of her mom’s food while growing up. “I want to replicate my mom’s wings,” she said dreamingly.

Little MO’s menu is limited for the soft opening days but it already contains delicious bites as well as bigger bahn mi sandwiches. Appetizers called Little Bites offer Mo Wangs, House Kimchi or Mo Brussel sprouts. Little Baos are deliciously soft steamed buns with pickled cucumber, cilantro and ground peanuts with a selection of pork, schnitzel or veggie grilled eggplant filling. We tried Mo Belly Bao and boy, were we happy about this choice. There is something definitely seductive about those soft buns, while the pork is crispy and delicious.

Unforgettable MO Belly Little Bao. YUM!

When you’re hungry, go for a Schnitzel sammie.

Sammies section of the menu will feed the hungriest of the patrons filling a French baguette with house pickle daikon and carrot, cucumber, cilantro and a selection of pork belly, schnitzel (yummy!), Bilgogi Cheesesteak or with a veggie filling (delish combo of Japanese eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, garlic ginger glaze and Vegan aoili). We opted for schnitzel sammie alternative because why wouldn’t we combine traditional Austrian meat with Asian flavors, right? The result was more than pleasing, although not as memorable as MO Belly Little Bao.

Linda told us that during weekend brunch hours they will be serving pho (oh joy!). But don’t expect to go on full pho mode for dinner: “Pho is a traditional Asian brunch food,” Linda explained.

Little MO has applied for a tavern license (beer and wine), and for the time being they serve sodas, limeade and water.

Feel free to check out Little MO already today but beware of the limited hours 11am to 9pm. However, during the regular operation, Little MO will stay open late to serve people working in hospitality industry. “Waiters or waitresses coming home from the city… Or even Little Skips staff. How many times we finished at 1am and there were no food options in the area besides Mr Kiwi [which is a grocery store],” told us Linda.

Little Outpost is supposed to help Little Skips from huge lines and get you your coffee fix quickly! This is Mitch McCann at the photo, who manages Little Skips and Little Outpost.

Check out the great photos of Little Skips staff and friends on the walls of Little Outpost. Aw!

Little MO is not the only new brother to Little Skips. Adjacent to Little MO is a small coffee shop called Little Outpost. Linda explained that sometimes the lines at Little Skips, especially over the weekend, can get crazy long and it takes forever to get your coffee. Little Outpost is supposed to cure this and provide patrons with a place for a quick coffee fix. “There will be no laptops at Little Outpost. It’s meant to be more of a fast thing where you can get your coffee quickly.”

Little Outpost will be open from 7am to 2pm.

Little MO & Little Outpost are located at 1158 Myrtle Ave. In the upcoming days the hours are shorter 11am-9pm. But soon expect late night eatery and a 7am to 2pm coffee shop. Check out their Instagram for some drool action!