Instagram Takeover – Joey J Prince – Halloween, toy soldier costume

Halloween just might be Bushwick’s favorite time of year. Sure, there are parties, parties, and more parties – but there are also starkly spooky trees and grown-ups wearing ridiculous costumes and a general air of mischief. Last week, guest Insta-Takeover photographer Joey Prince traversed Bushwick in search of the most Halloween-y subjects. Throughout his time behind the shutter, he caught some fantastically candid photos on the festive streets of Bushwick.

Joey is primarily a Street Photographer whose photos have been published in Vice, Huffington Post and Brooklyn Magazine, and more. A New Mexico native, he studied photography at the College of Santa Fe and is continuing his studies at International Center of Photography while living and working in Brooklyn. And it’s in the family: “Although I’m not from New York, both my parents and grandparents grew up in New York City, so I feel there is an underlying connection to this city within me,” Joey explained.

We love the feel of his Insta-Takeover photos; some are appropriately dark, but most have an edge of humor to them too. Take a look at some of our followers’ favorites below, then head over to our Instagram feed to catch the rest (you don’t want to miss the one of a kid perfecting the “scary face”) – they’ll start getting you excited about next year’s festivities. Because it’s never too soon.

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spooky vibes at dusk on evergreen. @joeyjprince for #bushwickdaily

A photo posted by Bushwick Daily (@bushwickdaily) on Oct 10, 2014 at 4:19pm PDT


  enjoy your commute


young batman keeping our alleyways safe. jefferson st. @joeyjprince for #bushwickdaily A photo posted by Bushwick Daily (@bushwickdaily) on Oct 10, 2014 at 11:15am PDT

it’s over – time to throw out them costumes and decorations. (this a throwback image from my feed) – i hope you have enjoyed my pictures! poke around @joeyjprince and give a follow if you feel so inclinced! – always posting images from around NYC (and im 98% selfie free) ha. thanks #bushwickdaily for letting me take over your instagram!! @joeyjprince over and out

A photo posted by Bushwick Daily (@bushwickdaily) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:49pm PST