Alphaville – work in progress (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

While you and I were sun tanning, Skyler Insler, a co-owner of rad bar on Ingraham St., Alaska and his business partner, Scott Rosenthal, who is also a part of prominent Brooklyn band, Class Actress, have been working hard to open another establishment in our beloved Pigeon Town. A bar and restaurant to be called Alphaville will open on 140 Wilson Ave (corner Suydam) in fall.

“We had no idea it would take us this long,” said Scott about their works on Alphaville since October. “The space used to be a bakery long time ago,” Skyler added. “But when we rented it was just full of rubble. We filled eight containers,” he laughed.

The space is more or less finished. Exposed brick, tiled floor, long wooden bar, the upcoming restaurant/bar reminded me of Tutu’s in its size and style. The men said they are hoping to open in fall, depending on how fast they can obtain all the necessary permits.

The name of the place “Alphaville” is not only a name of Skyler’s favorite movie, it’s also to commemorate the original bricks found in the space, many of which had “Alpha” written on them. (You can also see the bricks above the bar.)

You can look forward to traditional American food as well as some yummy tex mex. “Our chef, Amy Hunter who has helped to open several restaurants in the Lower East Side and Greenpoint, has had some really great ideas,” said Skyler. Alphaville will serve bar food without table service similarly to Bar Matchless or The Commodore. They also strive to create a menu that will be healthy and delicious. “Half of the menu is vegetarian,” said Skyler. The owners also assured me that their menu will be affordable for all the people from the community.

The space will feature a big surprise that the Bushwick folk will definitely love. For the moment, the owners decided to keep it a secret but I’m telling you it will be awesome!

Stay tuned for more news on Alphaville.