Instagram Takeover – Heather Showstead – cobblestone street

It’s Insta-Takeover time! Heather Showstead was back last week with her “Lives Before” project (we wrote about her concept here) and she didn’t stop stumbling upon thematic gold in Bushwick. She came across more abandoned businesses and old-school architectural elements. And more furniture. You know I loved her discovery of cobblestone peeking out from under the pavement last week, so I was thrilled when Heather found a ton more cobblestone. Everyone loves cobblestone! Check out some of her pics from her second week below and if you find yourself missing having Heather’s photos in your life – we get it, we’re kind of dependent too – then make sure to follow her blog.

Next up is some Southern love, by which I mean the southern side of Bushwick. Spencer Starnes will be exploring the parts of Bushwick near the J/M/Z so don’t expect any mention of “Jefftown” or “Morgantown” this week. Spencer is a full-time fashion photographer and freelancer who lives in Bushwick and is very skilled at being “sneaky with my street photography.” Sneaky? Hmmm. Something tells us you’ll want to keep an eye on this one via our Instagram page

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