All photos by Matt Dilandro for Bushwick Daily

On one of the quieter corners in Bushwick, Central Station opened their doors a little over a month ago. The space is gentle, soft-spoken, and soothing. It was originally envisioned as a spot that will appeal to those in the service industry, so they’ll keep the kitchen open late, and they’ll even have a late night happy hour.

Tequila shots chased with a lime dipped in their crazy coffee/coconut sugar concoction at 3 PM? Sure, why not, it’s summer!!!

The owners, Ray Guttierez and Peter Simon, a veteran of Fatty Cue, seemed ecstatic to be among the new summer bars that have opened up in Bushwick. In collaboration with the head chef, Lindsay King, they’ve concocted a simple but energetic menu, divided up into ‘Arrivals and Transfers’ (train humor what what). The simple decor means that the atmosphere rests on the shoulders of the staff, and every bartender I’ve encountered there has been friendly, enthusiastic, and genuine.

Beautiful backyard, home of the pig box!

They have a wide, open backyard, replete with picnic tables and dotted with flora. At the center of one’s attention in the backyard is the pig box, which they’ll be roasting a pig in for the Fourth of July. King plans to brine the pig for 48 hours before it goes in the box, and then she’ll rub it down with her own marinade concoction. And there’s no doubt that the pig is in good hands: King has already demonstrated proficiency in the Central Station kitchen with a plate of Fish Sticks that can’t be beat: stripped bass in a dark brown ale batter, tee-pee’d elegantly atop a remoulade and beneath a dusting of sliced red onions.

Not your grandma’s fish sticks. Stripped bass, dark brown ale batter, chive remoulade, ooh la la.

Happy Hour will run from 5 to 8 PM and from 12 AM to 2 AM every night. Well drinks and wine for six dollars, and drafts for four. And since the kitchen will stay open till 1:30 AM, Central Station might just be the ideal place to grab a quiet nightcap and a light snack after working the dinner shift. But don’t hesitate to get plastered all afternoon and evening here, either, the drink prices are reasonable and you can do a Budweiser and a shot of Whiskey for $7 anytime of day.

Central Station is located at 84 Central Ave. They’re open from 5 PM to 2 AM every day.