All photos by Lucia Reed for Bushwick Daily

To the delight of many a neighborhood vegan and anyone living below Central Ave, Champ’s Bakery has opened a new outpost in Bushwick.

All of their tasty pastries are made without a single animal product, so you can indulge in a guilty pleasure (cupcakes) while feeling significantly better than the majority of humanity.

The bakery is tucked into a residential-looking building, and if it weren’t for the sandwich board out front, it’d be too easy to walk right by. But that would be a dire mistake. Step inside this adorable little establishment, and grab a seat at the counter on one of the totally retro red-vinyl stools. If you live nearby, or even sort of nearby, this is the perfect place to grab a breakfast muffin and a cup of coffee before work. But it’s also worthwhile to walk down there on a Saturday morning and check out their selection of sandwiches, pastries, and other delicious treats.

The Champ’s in Bushwick is a particularly special Champ’s because they’ll be doing a lot of their baking for the other locations here. So come by and welcome a new addition to the neighborhood, and don’t forget to grab a cheesecake brownie while you’re there!

Champ’s Bakery in Bushwick is located at 760 Bushwick Avenue.