Instagram Takeover – Change – melting icicles – by John F. Hook


We’re searching far and wide (within Bushwick’s blurry borders) for new guest photographers to take over our Instagram account! We’re looking for talented photographers – professional and amateur alike – with a desire to explore Bushwick via their unique points of view. If this sounds like you, read on…

What’s in it for you?

The convenience: We require a commitment of just one week. And you can post on whatever schedule is convenient for you. One week, people.

The fun: Every photographer who has taken part in an Insta-Takeover has expressed a profound appreciation and excitement for the project. Even the photographers we suckered into participating were surprised at how fun it was. Thanks, guys and gals! We <3 you.

The challenge: You’ll be pushing throughout your week to explore a central theme. Whether literal or conceptual or both, you’ll be guided by a framework to support your photos. You, of course, pick your own theme – as long as it’s not “street art” or “Bushwick people.” This is your chance to get creative, folks.

The exposure, duh: We’ve got 2,759 photography-appreciating followers and our subscription number is growing by the minute. You get to sign each photo with your Instagram handle, so everyone will recognize your work. You’ll gain more followers, we’re sure of that. Let it be heard that I will personally follow each and every guest photographer!

Even more exposure: In addition to getting new followers on Instagram, you’ll be included in two articles on our website – an intro post (AKA the time to plug that website or side project that you’re working on) and a summary post with our fave photos from the week!

Because it’ll change the way you see Bushwick: One photographer showed us all about type and signage in Bushwick. One photographer took the opportunity to explore the shapes of the ‘hood. Another photographer used his takeover as a way to say goodbye to his home (thinking about it makes us want to cry). We are continuously astounded by the beauty our guest photographers have found in Bushwick.

You’ll become part of the Bushwick Daily family: Whether you peace out after one week or come back to photograph for the website, by contributing to an Insta-Takeover you’ll be joining our lovely little Bushwick crew.


If you’re interested, fill out the quick application form here. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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