CREAM is timelessly gorgeous. (Crappy phone photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Dear Ridgewood folk! I have some excellent news for you! Your dining scene just improved dramatically! Only three days ago, a jaw-dropping restaurant called CREAM opened on the 71st Ave and Myrtle Ave triangle. Flawless interior of timeless style, stunning wooden staircase and a lovely patio, all this beauty is topped with friendly atmosphere. We’re telling you, CREAM is something exceptional, something Ridgewood is not used to despite its undeniable reputation of a foodie heaven.

CREAM is owned by 73-year old long time resident of Polish descendant, John who seems to be extremely well educated as far as liquors go. Seriously, we spent a good hour listening to him about what makes a vodka a really good vodka and why you should avoid gin at all cost. It is refreshing to see such an expertly stocked bar in the area!

They are serving food and weekend brunch, which we yet have to try but it looks and smells delicious! The prices look favorable too! Expect to the full review of CREAM very soon!

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