Most of the time, if you tell people that you are going to Bossa Nova Civic Club, they think that you are either going to a cool Bossa Nova trio performance or that you belong to an old-school boys’ club that would require you to wear a suit jacket. After that initial confusion, you are burdened with the task of explaining just what Bossa Nova Civic Club is. In Bushwick, of course, of many of us know that Bossa Nova is a place that defies description. I felt the same way about the Flamingo….

First of all, the name gets you into a cool, funky state of mind. Then comes the fire of the taste of watermelon and vodka. The cocktail connected with me and sent me straight on a tropical adventure, transporting me to beach clubs of the Greek islands where I’d dance for twenty four hours straight. And that’s the Flamingo – a simple cocktail that makes you feel like a Greek god.

“It’s a sexy drink,” said Chris Video, one of the inspirers of the Bossa Nova Civic Club. Little more needs to be said about this fun and funky beverage. Let the Flamingo embrace you as you move from a funky state of mind to a tropical dancer to the Greek isles.

Flamingo is served at Bossa Nova Civic Club, 1271 Myrtle Ave for $9.  

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