King Noodle on Flushing Ave (all photos by Ethan Brand for Bushwick Daily)

Bushwick is going through an Asian restaurant boom lately with Bunker, Bon Spice, and Falansai all opening up in the past year. We can now add King Noodle, which opened its doors this Wednesday, to the list! Owner Nick Subic has quite a résumé as a chef – he has worked with Angelo Romano of Roberta’s, with Chef Jose Garces of Philadelphia restaurant Chifa, Michelin-starred Longman and Eagle in Chicago, and Keith Kenji Cochran, who is also a partner at The Narrows just a few doors down.

The idea for the restaurant came when Nick and Keith met at The Narrows two years ago. They both gallivanted around this lovely city to different Yakatori and Korean restaurants. King Noodle began as a pop-up at The Narrows once a week, and later found its permanent home just a couple of doors down on Flushing Ave, in a space that served as a Dominican Bar before. The remnants of the old bar are still intact, including the mirrors that line the walls, the disco ball, the tables, the chairs, and the floor. The only changes that these men have made are the brightly spray painted walls done by Secret HandShake over the black textured walls. The bright décor will remind you of K-Town bars and of bars you find in Korea or Japan.

Nick Subic’s dishes are reinterpretations of American-style dishes done in Asia. Chef Subic’s daring menu includes the popular Kimchee Carbonara with Spicy Doritos ($14), Spam Fried Rice ($10), and Rice Cakes with Krab & Mozzarella in Spicy Sauce ($14). Yesterday, I wasn’t in an adventurous mood, so I stuck to the less outlandish grub and tried the Green Curry Flat Noodles with Bamboo ($12) and Wavy Noodles with Pork and Shrimps ($15).

The spicy milky Green Curry, made with peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, bamboo and a wanton noodle, is perfectly portioned and leaves you satisfied but saves enough room for dessert. You can taste each of the fresh ingredients perfectly.

The sweeter Wavy Noodles with shrimp and pork and pickled ginger, carrots, and runny egg was fantastic! The pickled ginger and sweet sauce balanced each other out, and it’s fun to break the egg and mix it into the noodles.

If you’re ever in the mood for noodles before or after a trip to The Narrows, make sure to check out King Noodle for some great food!