Join Adventurous Drinkers Tomorrow at Ridgewood Bar Crawl


Contrary to popular belief, there are PLENTY of bars in Ridgewood. You just have to know where to go! Sarah Feldman aka Ms Rigdewood Social will take you on an adventurous bar crawl through eight Ridgewood bars. Sarah says their last Ridgewood Bar Crawl was a huge success, and we’re not expecting anything less tomorrow. The crawl officially starts at 7PM at Caskey’s Tavern (6869 Fresh Pond Road). If you miss the start you can always catch up with the adventurous drinkers by following their Facebook, Twitter or simply hashtag #RidgewoodBarCrawl. The event is free of charge, you only pay for your own drinks. Oh, and don’t forget to wear red! Cheers, Ridgewood!

Participating bars:

1. Caskey’s Tavern

2. Parlay (Hi-5)

3. Cozy Corner

4. Eros Cafe

5. Gottscheer Hall

6. Paradise Bar

7. Polish German Club House

8. Windjammer Bar

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