7 Cinco de Mayo Ideas for Bushwick & Beyond!

By Jenna Aranda and Katarina Hybenova

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(By Jenna Aranda)

… If you are like me – half Latina, half Gringa, but all drinka – then Cinco De Mayo is amateur night. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, this is a holiday where no one really knows the true meaning behind it; but as long as you are drinking everything makes sense. Es verdad. This year Cinco De Mayo falls on a Sunday, which is brunch day. Brunch is my religion, and I ain’t no amateur.

So go ahead and grab the ethnic threads of the Tijuana multi colored poncho, sombrero, and drink Cuervo Especial like it’s your first college party. ORALE.

Rooftop Shennenigans @ Berry Park

If you want sunshine on your Tequila face, I suggest rooftop shenanigans at Berry Park. For one, the brunch is spectacular. Two, why not spend Cinco De Mayo in true Mexican form by watching soccer? Expand your mind. Chicks love Soccer players, and brunch. So post up here, and you will owe me a shot of Don Julio.

Bizarre Cinco de Mayo @ Bizarre 

Everyone knows I am a total freak, so of course I wanna hit up Bizarre for the all day Cinco De Mayo Happy Hour. I swear this place is owned by Absinthe drinking vampires, and I am all about it. Last time I was there, there was a naked man humping a rubber chicken while a guy dressed up like the Crow was chewing on glass. Bizarre, please don’t let me down.



Cinco de Mayo Party @ Tradesman

One could do the Bushwick required Roberta’s blowout Cinco De Mayo party, but what about something a little less predictable? My other stop on Sunday with my Brunch goggles on is the Tradesman. They just started brunch, which is amazing. They fixed up the outdoor patio for sun shenanigans.

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(By Katarina Hybenova)

While I was born in what most Americans think is Eastern but is in fact Central Europe, I’m part Mexican — by heart. My vodka sipping Mexican friends will swear my bohemian Central European self shoots tequila while gratuitously performing the salt and lemon ritual even better than a real D.F. born Mexican. My nerdy self hereby has to also note that Cinco De Mayo has more to do with Americans dreaming of passionately heated Mexican life, than with Mexicans celebrating a national holiday. None the less, Cinco de Mayo is a great occasion, and Bushwick is a great place where we all can come together as a family, and celebrate our commonalities with good drinks and food. And god knows we have been blessed with abundance of  it…

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at La Gringa Taqueria

La Taqueria Gringa on Humboldt Street, geographically in East Williamsburg but still close to our hearts, has prepared an open-air market and FREE margaritas!! The 62 and sunny weather forecast will make your boozy market strolling really pleasurable! Look forward to local vendors Green Fitness Studio (giving away free classes), 2nd Stroke, Loud Thunder International, custom jewelry from Jaymes Westfall, handmade jewelry from Haus of Topper, and local artist Sarah Dartin.


Roberta’s Cinco de Mayo

Yes, yes, just like Jenna said, it is a pretty obvious choice, but we have to give it to Roberta’s. They prepared what seems to be a lot of fun for Cinco de Mayo. So let’s see: kiddy pools (splaash!), piñatas (smash!), tacos, cervezas, tequila, and free shots all night if you wear…ehm…a bandolier.

BBQ, Cinco de Mayo, Mural Party @ The Living Gallery

Our beloved Living Gallery recently moved from The Loom to Broadway and Dekalb, and won a wonderful outdoor space in exchange. On Sunday, you can check it out because they will be grilling (so bring something to grill), and building and painting fence (you can bring wood and painting materials).



Bike Ride to Rockaway Tacos

Are you feeling an adventurous bike ride to the beach instead of roaming the same old bars in the neighborhood? Take a wonderful bike ride to Rockaway Beach! If you’ve never tried an hour-long bike ride to the Rockaways, the trip is really scenic, and definitely trumps public transportation. You will see variety of neighborhoods, and you get to enjoy beach!! The bravest of us can take a swim, the rest of us can have amazing surfer tacos at the legendary Rockaway Tacos, which just re-opened for the season!

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