Evan Haddad


Real estate developers in Bushwick have probably never taken psychedelics, but designing trippy-looking buildings might be the next best thing.

Designers of the new building planned for 147 Stanhope St. call it a “fun hip home” in their Instagram post. It does look fun, especially if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the aesthetic of children’s playrooms and likes to fiddle around with Tinker Toys. Unfortunately, that yellow tube on the ceiling is not a slide that leads to a sea of plastic balls.

The outside of the building is adult-child-proof; chainlink fencing encloses the windows so you can’t accidentally fall out while admiring the JMZ subway tracks. The balconies are also fenced in, but there is enough free space to let you practice throwing your curveball.

Moshe Friedman purchased the property for $1.2 million in July of 2017, city records show. There’s no timeline for when construction is expected to be completed.

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Cover image courtesy of J Goldman Design