Evan Haddad


If you’ve been struggling with a way to combine cool coffee shops, the L train, and country living, look no further than this cottage in East Williamsburg.

Yes, there is a cottage available for rent in East Willy near the Montrose stop. It may look like a haunted house, but it can be yours for $1300 per month (for a minimum of two months) or $50 per night on Airbnb.

Not the whole cottage can be yours for $1300 — that would actually be pretty cool. You’ll be sharing it with Kelly, the other person living there who apparently does fashion design when she’s not renting out the spare room in her place, according to her profile on Airbnb

Usually roommates are among the most annoying parts of living in a big city. But cottage living comes with cottage problems. Reviewers on Airbnb say Kelly ain’t one of them.

“My problems aren’t with her at all!” Amanda wrote in September. “But I wish I’d had some kind of warning about the huge ceiling leak in the bathroom or any kind of proactivity in cleaning or managing it from her roommate or building staff.”

Building staff? It’s a cottage, girl!

Other reviewers were less nitpicky.

“This is a fine place if you just need somewhere to crash,” John reviewed. “It’s in a good location right by the L train which is a good addition.”

Cover image courtesy of Airbnb. Remaining images courtesy of Spareroom