Magdalena Waz


Since news broke that the entire office space at 95 Evergreen Ave. would go to a city agency, we’ve been wondering about the fate of other still-vacant office buildings in the neighborhood. But it looks like new buildings are still sprouting up to meet uncertain demand!

Say hello to “The Breeze,” a 100,000 square foot office and retail building which will sprout up at 315 Meserole St. by late summer 2018.

Chris Tepper, Senior Project Manager at The Hudson Companies, says, “With high ceilings, lots of light and protected 360 degree views, 24/7 access, a secure bike room, landscaped outdoor space, and an exciting rooftop venue just upstairs, the Breeze will be one of the top office and retail destinations for companies that are increasingly drawn to the convenience and culture of North Brooklyn.”

In true new office building fashion, the list of amenities suggests that employees of the future will never leave the building and instead have to rely on the stores, restaurants, and bars conveniently dotting the property.

Sorry, no Drakes or Akons here. 

The building itself will have about 8,000 square feet of outdoor space which will be open to the public. That’s at least something the dreary stretch of industrial East Williamsburg needs more of. 

In the end, though, a building this size will certainly increase the demands on public transit in the neighborhood, and with the L train shutdown coming up soon after this complex is set to open, we just don’t know how these hypothetical commuters will get to their jobs. 

These renderings suggest it’ll be all about the bicycles. 

All renderings courtesy of Hudson Companies.