Jacqueline Medina


Maybe you’ve heard of the crazy-looking Lavender Manor or Ocean Blue Residence in the eastern part of Bushwick. There’s another insane building coming to Bushwick’s Troutman Street in 2018, YIMBY reported. We gotta say, the blueprint for this really catches your eye!  

The new 16-apartment building is being developed and designed by the Brooklyn-based BEAM Group. It’s geometric, colorful design was, according to the architect, inspired by a dresser drawer: “[The] facade is surrounded by a wooden frame, and a rigid geometry is broken to reveal recessed balconies.”

The nearly 11,000-square-foot project will replace an empty lot and a small house at 127-129 Troutman St. (between Evergreen and Central avenues).

While we think the design is kinda cool, does the neighborhood really need another big apartment building? 

Tell us what you think! 

Featured images courtesy of BEAM group.