Demolished Arts and Crafts Home Makes Way for Another Condo Building

Magdalena Waz


Today, local real estate news is unrelenting. It turns out that a recently demolished Bushwick single-family home built in the early 20th century will make way to some cookie-cutter condos in whatever we’re calling the bland style that tries to echo the much cooler modern period of the ’50s and ’60s.

The new building at 1411 Bushwick Ave. will feature five and a half stories and 12 units, Brownstoner reports. Also, residents will have an elevator and private parking, a huge perk on a street with fairly restrictive parking regulations. 

Promotion material on the Threefold website includes many questionable statements including this gem: “For some years now, Bushwick, aka “East Williamsburg”, counts amongst the most attractive residential neighborhoods  in the New York metropolitain [sic] area.” We wonder if statements like this aren’t the reason so much vitriol is directed at the neighborhood quietly called “East Williamsburg.” They’re two different places, developers!

The original house before it was demolished in April.

This building, incidentally, will be located just a few blocks away from the new storage facility we reported on last week. So if the apartments are as tiny as we suspect, lucky leaseholders will only have to lug their tv boxes and winter wardrobes a few blocks. 

All images courtesy of Threefold

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