A Banksy-Themed Rental Building Comes to Bushwick

Magdalena Waz


Thought there was nowhere else Bushwick real estate could sink in order to speed up rampant gentrification and increased rent prices? You were wrong, and this Banksy-themed rental building at 1207 Broadway is proof that developers aren’t even entirely sure who they’re marketing to.

The seven unit building has three active listings on Street Easy all containing the same photos of what appears to be “graffiti-style” art painted on the walls along with a few Banksy-derived images in the common areas. It was first brought to our attention by Alicia McElhaney on Twitter.

McElhaney referred to the building as a “hot mess.” And as an added bonus, the marketing material comes with its own grammatical errors. 

And let’s not forget the irony of this particular piece recreated solely for the eyes of people who pay between $2,000-$2,400 a month for these rather spacious, brand new digs:

According to the listing on Zumper, “new hip restaurants and bars are opening making this locale a hot spot.” We should all be grateful to these developers who have their fingers on Bushwick’s pulse enough to know there’s been a Banksy-sized hole in this real estate market until now. 

All images courtesy of The Inhouse Group via Street Easy.

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