Bed-Stuy Pooch Needs a Home

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Anyone who knows the Bushwick Daily team knows we’re animal lovers. With all of the amazing pet stores, dog park at Maria Hernandez and pooch-friendly bars, how could we not be?

So when we heard about Corey, and adorable beagle/terrier mix, who needs a home we had to spread the word. Corey is a Bushwick neighbor, currently residing in Bed-Stuy. If he doesn’t find a home ASAP, there’s a chance he’ll be euthanized.

Corey is 4 years old, house trained, loves women and is extremely calm around them. As for the fellas–sometimes gets nervous around unfamiliar men, but he doesn’t bite. He’s very good with children, but protective of them (especially if there are adult males in the house). But fret not, families. He gets used to males in a short amount of time if they are not doing any harm.

If you’re interested in meeting Corey, email Dani at

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