Andrew Tobia

Contributing Editor

Today is Friday. We’ve all had a week, and I’m sure many of us have had a bad one. So we at Bushwick Daily thought we’d change things up a little bit and cap the week off with something a little fun — a deep dive into Bushwick’s Missed Connections on Craigslist.

Yes, that’s right. I’m putting on some digital waders and pushing forward into the murky depths of the Internet’s loneliest place, that haven of could’ve-been-lovers if only they had opened their mouths.

 You’re beautiful times 30

We’ll start with the first Bushwick post I stumbled across, a m4w by a man with a weird obsession with Meghan Kelly. It had only three words, “You are beautiful” — only “beautiful” was repeated about 30 times. 

 Witchy stranger with Creepy vibes

In that same uneasy vein, here’s another m4w. In this one, the poster passed a “Beautiful goth/witchy/metal stranger” on the sidewalk. Literally, that’s it — they walked passed each other. The poster found it to be an “excellent” experience and was moved to anonymously tell the world about it. He ended his post, “I’m just posting to sending you good/creepy vibes.”

Just creepy, dude. Just creepy.

 Big black furry hood

People occasionally find themselves unable to communicate on the subway, as well — it isn’t just sidewalks any more. Take this w4m posting, in which both parties were totally #twinning in the same outfits.

 A well-meaning friend with a terrible intuition

The subject of that last post got off the L train at Dekalb Avenue, not far from Bushwick’s House of Yes which, it just so happens, is the setting of the next w4m post. This one is a tale of a well-meaning friend with horrible intuition. It’s actually a little bit sad.

Maybe they were the same guy?

 That elusive man-bun blondie

That corner of Flushing and Wyckoff avenues seems to be quite the missed connections hotspot. Right around the block from the last poster’s impromptu mathalon at House of Yes is Cobra Club. It was there on Halloween when one lady caught feels for a tall man-bun blondie with a penchant for olive drab and a too-cool-for-costumes attitude.

 Well, folks, that’s this week in Bushwick’s Missed Connections. Are you anybody’s missed opportunity? Let us know if you are!

Cover image courtesy of Jay Wennington on Unsplash