Brittany Natale overlooking New York (photo: courtesy of Brittany)

I’m not sure if we stress enough how much we love and value our Bushwick Daily contributors. They are really awesome people from all walks of life that have one thing in common–they love Bushwick!

To introduce these cool folks to our community, we decided to feature one particularly awesome contributor every month. This past February (and really many months before as well), you probably read more than one article by the very lovely and talented Brittany Natale. Brittany is a native New Yorker, artist, writer and a really awesome person to run into at a Bushwick gallery. You probably know her best as your L train girl who announces whenever the train decides to go rogue on us. This past month, she has written about a new dye garden in the Rockaways, artist retreat in Woodstock or about the plans of Bushwick Community Darkroom to relocate.

Check out her Q&A and don’t forget to follow Brittany on Twitter!

What’s your hometown?

Flushing, Queens, NY

What’s your favorite memory about growing up in NYC?

There are too many! When he was younger, my dad was a big bike rider, and he used to have one of those kiddie seats hooked up to the back – I used to go along with him and we would ride all over Queens. Some others would be visiting my aunt uptown, spending a lot of my younger teenage years in downtown Manhattan, marveling at 5Pointz, Main Street Flushing, growing up behind one of the city libraries, watching my mom make art, going to the botanical gardens with my grandma, the list goes on! My version of a”pool” growing up was the rooftop sprinkler at a public school.

Why did you move to Bushwick?

I moved to Bushwick because of its proximity to the city and my hometown, and how it reminded me a little of Queens – I’m not sure I could live somewhere where people don’t hang out on their stoops in the summer.

What’s your day job?

Market Research/Arts Marketing

Why did you decide to start contributing for Bushwick Daily?

When I moved to Bushwick from Manhattan in 2012 I knew I wanted to get more involved with the community. I figured that writing for Bushwick Daily would not only allow me to keep myself in the know but also allow me to meet more people along the way.

Do you have any particularly nice experience from working on an article you’d like to mention?

Every piece is so much fun to do because I get to really have a conversation with individuals who are so involved in the community, I usually get off the phone feeling really inspired. I don’t think I can pick just one!

What was your favorite piece you’ve ever written for us?

It would have to be one of my most recent articles, the one on ProjectArt. I love anything that has to do with the arts and helping children.

What is your idea about making Bushwick a better place?

Having a more integrated community setting and less stray cats on the street!



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