If you’re anything like us, you’ve been binging on discount post-Valentine’s candy for days. Time to switch it up and enjoy a little eye candy (unlike the real stuff, overindulging won’t make you queasy). The new dating app Happn has gathered the 10 most “liked” profiles of men in New York City for you to feast your eyes on.

Before we get started with the Studmuffins, I hear some of you asking “what is Happn?” Happn is a new dating helping to cut down on missed connections in the subway by using your phone’s location to show you potential matches around you in real time. By taking it to the next level with your moving location, you can meet people who share your neighborhood, your train platform, your weekend haunts—and finally track down the one who got away.

So how does it work? When you cross paths with someone during the course of your day, their profile will show up in your app, and you can choose whether or not to “like” them. If you both “like” each other, you can start messaging. You can even send a “charm” to grab the apple-of-your-eye’s attention. And don’t worry, you will never receive a message from someone you’re not interested in, and your location is not saved. Only the position where both members crossed paths is registered.

The app is already a huge hit in Europe, and catching on quickly in North America, with over 1.7million users to date. It’s available for iPhone and Android. Download the app for free here.

And hey, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll run into one of these delectable gentlemen on Happn whose accounts have been “liked” the most times of any other users in New York City.

We hope you’ll enjoyed browsing through all these beautiful New York men… and stay tuned for the lovely ladies of Happn, next!


With a name like “Cranford,” how can you resist? Date him just for an excuse to say his name as often as possible. Cranford, Cranford, Cranford. Let’s unbutton that plaid a little further, Cranford.



Remember “Life-Size,” that made-for-TV Disney movie where Lindsay Lohan’s Barbie comes to life? We’re pretty sure if it had been a Ken doll, he would have looked just like Kyle. Check out that square jaw.



Oren looks like he has his shit together, and knows how to treat you right.



If Ian were a yearbook accolade, he would be “Best Smile.” You have kind eyes, Ian.


#5 Rory

It’s not every man that knows how to tie that crisp a bow tie. We applaud you, Rory.



That smile is mischievous as all hell. If you’re searching for a little danger, we’re pretty sure Grant’s your man.



Eyal is brooding, and mysterious. He knows you have baggage, and he does too, but he believes you can work through it – together.



If Brannan didn’t work at Spotify, he would probably be a lumberjack.



We bet Benjamin gives a mean back rub, and knows how to cook your favorite foods.



Ben, 32 (not to be confused with Benjamin, 32, above) is looking so sharp you could cut yourself.


#11 Jason

Jason had his heart broken a while ago, and he hasn’t been able to smile since. Maybe you can heal him, and show him how to really smile again.



We’re pretty sure Michael is actually a young David Hasselhoff.