The prizes from the Vinyl Fantasy Tunnels to Towers Raffle. Photo via Vinyl Fantasy Instagram Page.

Recently we covered a raffle that Vinyl Fantasy was putting together to benefit Tunnel to Towers:  an organization that assists injured firefighters in honor of Steven Siller, a firefighter who fought during 9/11. Catopolis, the co-publisher of Bushwick Daily’s first book of short stories Bushwick Nightz, was so inspired by the fundraiser that we decided to participated in the Tunnel to Towers 5k run.

The 5K will take place this September 28th in Red Hook. The Catopolis fundraiser will donate 100% of proceeds from our donation page directly to Tunnel to Towers. If you missed Vinyl Fantasy’s raffle, this is your second chance to donate towards this incredible organization that’s so needed to support those who protect New York.