Are you a striving photographer, photojournalist or DP? Maybe you’re hoping for The New York Times to hire you next. But how does one do it? How can a super-talented Bushwick individual (that is you) move from the reality of today to a reality of world-class clients and fabulous opportunities? Well, it never hurts to ask someone who actually did it… Someone like Casey Kelbaugh

Casey Kelbaugh works as an editorial and commercial photographer, and his most regular client is, well, the aforementioned NY Times. But that’s not all! One day he came up with the idea to invite his friends to his backyard, and project slideshows of their work. Thirteen years later, his non-profit Slideluck is a world-known community project where emerging as well as super-famous artists come to show, discuss their work and have a good meal. Casey lives in the East Village but bikes daily to Sandbox Studios on Morgan Ave where Slideluck has their brand new shiny office. We asked him for advice on life, career, free work, mentors and more!

Casey Kelbaugh in front of the Sandbox Studios (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Bushwick Lens is an original Bushwick Daily interview video series of six episodes. In each episode we interview a photographer or cinematographer about his/her career, life and advice to those new to the industry with the goal to inspire. You can look forward to a segment next week on Nicky Digital, the king of NYC nightlife photography, or re-watch the first episode with Ivan Abel, a cinematographer for Depeche Mode.

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Video credits:

Produced by: Bushwick Daily & CSI Rentals

Directed by: Katarina Hybenova & Logan Seaman

Camera by: Ashley Maas & Katarina Hybenova

Edited by: Logan Seaman