Your Weekly L Train Update: L Is for Look Who’s Back (for the Time Being)

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Fellow Bushwickians – I come bearing wonderful news! I’m not too sure if this is a pre-Halloween miracle or simply a gift from the subway gods but after a long hiatus the L train will indeed be running this upcoming weekend, 10/11 through 10/14. This means that you may not have to leave an hour earlier to get from point A to point B and you may not have to scramble to find a cab or shuttle bus at 3AM. Take the train straight to Bedford and see the Williamsburg waterfront! Get off at the Morgan stop and hug the Loom! Enjoy Union Square! Go to Manhattan’s West Side and visit Chelsea Market! Take it all in now because come next weekend the L train is going to be a bit messy yet again (booo).

However, don’t forget that weeknights this week (10/7 through 10/11) the L train is still only operating in two sections:

Between 8th Ave. and Lorimer St.

Between Myrtle Ave. and Rockaway Parkway

*As always remember to check for any last minute changes (because you know how much the MTA likes to pull a fast one on us). Happy riding!

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