Bushwick Never Alone: What’s Your Ideal First Date?

 “Maria Hernandez Park isn’t that bad” -Jermain

Let’s face it: dating in New York can get a little redundant. With over 61 percent of New Yorkers claiming to be single, it may be easy to snag that first date (whether you met on your morning commute on the M train or OkCupid). With so many people out on prowl, the key part is to keep the first date interesting and original. If the person isn’t down with my idea of an exciting day-date of wandering graveyards or visiting my favorite local grandma, then it’s easy for me to move on. I trekked around the Bushwick area asking locals what their ideal first date would be in the neighborhood, and how they keep their hangout seshs one-of-a-kind and worthwhile.


“I would take a girl out for a coke if it was hot, and coffee if it was cold”- Alberto



“I’d take her to my favorite local bar; Bar 280”- Robert



 “Tony’s Pizzeria or a park. I want to get to know her…but if I already know her then my house”- Seth



 “Maybe Bizarre bar, I love that place”-Melissa



” Los Hermanos is really good right off Starr Street. I would also take her to Heavy Woods”-Ryan


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 “Definitely wouldn’t be in Bushwick; we’d go to Manhattan”-Steven


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“I would want it to be something fun and romantic. Somewhere where I’m comfortable…bowling would be cool”-Karen



“I like cute cafes with unpretentious men” Jaice

…and where would you go on a first date? Leave us a comment!

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