Cheers! To-go drinks are returning to New York once again, said Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Today, during the State of the State address in Albany, Gov. Hochul promised the return of the beloved to-go drink rule, which lived throughout much of the pandemic before expiring in June 2021, when former Gov. Andrew Cuomo put an end to the program. 

“We’re … going to do something bars and restaurants have been asking for … to once again allow the sale of to-go drinks – a critical revenue stream during the lean times last year. Cheers, New York,” Gov. Hochul said during her address. 

Gov. Hochul’s proposal still must pass through the Democratic-controlled state legislature, according to The Hill

This good news for New York drinkers and bars alike came among a long list of other promises made by Gov. Hochul on Wednesday. 

On her long list of updates and promises are a “Jails to Jobs” initiative to provide incarcerated people with the support they need to find employment after they’re released, putting $1 billion towards connecting more New Yorkers with high-speed internet, expanding resources to prevent homelessness and help those who are already experiencing homelessness, investing $500 million in offshore wind, creating a new rail service through Brooklyn and Queens, putting more money and effort into the fight against gun violence, establishing term limits for statewide elected officials and much more.

Read a full transcript of Gov. Hochul’s State of the State speech here

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