While many City Council elections remain contentious, Jennifer Gutierrez of District 34, Sandy Nurse of District 37, and Robert Holden of District 30 have already been declared the winners of their Democratic primary races.

In the city’s 34th district stretches across parts of Bushwick, East Williamsburg and Ridgewood, Jennifer Gutierrez will win, having received 80% of the total vote reported. Jennifer Gutierrez previously ran District 34 Representative Antonio Reynoso’s campaign, and Reynoso has also taken the lead in the Brooklyn Borough Presidential Race with 29.02% of the vote and 88.52% of scanners reported.

Jennifer Gutierrez’s platform includes reducing NYPD funding, advocacy for immigrants, and increasing and protecting tenant protections. In an op-ed she wrote for the Bushwick Daily on the topic of housing rights and community planning, she said:

“We need to fundamentally rethink the way we build and care for our city and ensure that housing remains affordable in perpetuity. Two ways we can do that are through community land trusts and non-profit developers.”

Sandy Nurse is projected to win District 37, which encompasses the heart of Bushwick, with 52% of the vote out of the 90.83% scanners reported. The three top issues she ran on include: housing for all New Yorkers, a COVID-19 recovery plan, and NYPD divestment and accountability.

Sandy Nurse looks to implement a co-governance model that she described in Bushwick Daily op-ed as “a process where movements and community members aren’t only asked for their input, but are at the decision-making table, side by side, with decision-makers shaping legislation and policy.”

In the city’s 30th district, which stretches from Ridgewood into the heart of Queens, Democrat Robert Holden is projected to win, with 53% of the total votes reported. Robert Holden, an incumbent who ran as a Republican in 2017 after losing the Democratic primary, ran on a platform largely focused on public safety.

He said in his op-ed for the New York Post, “We need to return to the Broken Windows philosophy so our police, elected officials and city agencies work together to restore order and regain control over crime.”

The rest of the City Council primary results are not expected to be called until mid-July, City & State NY reports, as the Board of Elections has so far only released first-ranked votes of those who cast their votes in-person.

Image: Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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