An Updated Look at Bushwick Crime Rates 2021

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Some of the biggest questions posed by both those interested in moving to Bushwick and those who have been living in the neighborhood for a considerable amount of time are, how safe is Bushwick and how do its crime rates compare to other neighborhoods’ throughout Brooklyn and all of New York City? 

According to crime data provided by the NYC Crime Map, which covers “major” crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, grand larceny and burglary, Bushwick has experienced about 16 crimes per 1,000 residents over the past year, from October 2020 through October 2021. 

To put that in perspective, nearby Williamsburg experienced roughly 12 crimes per 1,000 residents and Park Slope experienced just under 14 crimes per 1,000 residents over the same time period. 

The safest area in New York City, according to the city data, is the South Shore of Staten Island, which experienced just over three crimes per 1,000 residents this past year. Meanwhile, the police precinct that reported the highest crime rates over the past year is Manhattan’s Midtown South Precinct, located at 357 West 35th St. It reported about 138 crimes per 1,000 residents. 

2021 Crime heat map

This year, Bushwick has experienced a total of six murders, 28 rapes, 230 robberies, 296 felony assaults, 249 burglaries, 521 cases of grand larceny and 164 cases of car theft. Across the neighborhood, overall crime rates are roughly the same as last year’s, however, this year has seen eight more cases of rape and one more murder.

Still, the neighborhood’s crime rates are much lower than they were 30 years ago. In 1990, Bushwick saw 77 murders, 80 rapes, 2,242 robberies, 1,670 burglaries and 1,173 cases of felony assault. Over the past few decades, the neighborhood has seen those numbers gradually decrease, hitting low points in recent years. In 2017, Bushwick reported less crime than nearly all of its surrounding neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bedford-Stuyvesant. 

 Photo of NYPD data set. Crime reported by Bushwick’s 83rd Precinct

Featured image: Giacomo Barbaro for Bushwick Daily

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