As a natural born gentleman, he lits up her bong while she’s inhaling the smoke dense of THC and carefully holds it a bit to the side so that her nose doesn’t get burned.

-“So you live in the neighborhood?” she asks while slowly releasing her lungs muscles.

– “Yes, right there on Noll.” he points to the dark.

-“Oh, how cool. Me too!”

-“It’s a nice street….I hear.” They both laugh.

-“So do you have any roommates.” She asks while he’s lighting a bong for himself this time.

-“Yeah, I have four roommates.”

-“Oh, that’s quite a lot.”

-“Yeah, but one lives in the closet.” He briskly offers an explanation.

-“What? How?”

-“Well, he pays only 200. So it’s quite a good deal. He’s got his bed on the floor and underneath it he’s got a couch. And if he doesn’t close the door, he can stretch his legs… He’s got it nicely figured out.”

-“Neat.” she replies and demands her turn of the bong.