Sport’s not your thing? You’re not alone, and especially in Bushwick. Also, no one invited me to their SuperBowl “fiesta” or whatever. Well, While everyone else is finding the best sports bar (or painstakingly figuring out 8 ways to prepare vegan chick’n wings for this year’s ironic superbowl party), we’ve got a bunch of OTHER things for you to get off your ass and experience a unique slice of life this Sunday afternoon.

1. Bradford Cox @ Riot of Perfume’s MoMA PS1 party (Sunday 4 pm, $10)

Bradford Cox, near and dear to my heart, is a musician best known for his work as the lead singer in psych rock band Deerhunter. He’s also known in some circles for his solo work – looping nostalgic, experimental and folk-based tunes- under the title of Atlas Sound. Besides his infamy as a musical genius  Bradford is a well-known as an indie culture icon for his rare disease- Marfan’s Syndrome. Our friends at Riot of Perfume commissioned a documentary called Youth Museum, about his strange, lonely upbringing, which will be premiering at 4PM, followed by an intimate performance. This is a must-attend for music lovers and film buffs alike.

2. Leo Villareal’s BUCKYBALL installation @ Madison Sq Park Conservancy (now-Feb 28, FREE)

Science geeks and art lovers come together to see this installation, which is an interactive sound/light exhibit based on Carbon 60 molecules which were invented by futurist Buckminster Fuller in 1985. This is the ultimate in trippy public art- a light show plus a noise experiment that changes sound upon touch. There are also zero-gravity chairs surrounding the exhibit to lounge in. So much better than your friend’s crowded popcorn-filled couch.

3. Oberhofer, Total Slacker, Lordo, Shadow Walker @ Shea Stadium (8:30 pm, $7)

Stay in the neighborhood and hear sweet tunes. Oberhofer’s thrash-dance rock tunes will have you sh-sh-shakin’. Plus, no one will be chatting loudly about the Superbowl- the promoter’s own tagline for the showcase is “Superbowl Sunday? Pass.”

4. Hot Chocolate Festival @ City Bakery (now-Feb 29)

Hot Chocolate RULES- and especially when you have 29 flavors to choose from. And because you’re avoiding the fattening experience that is American football, indulge in some incredible (called the best in NYC) hot cocoa that won’t fill you with hope for a losing team- because when you drink hot chocolate, NO ONE loses.

5. KIDROCKERS w/ Hooray for Earth @ Brooklyn Bowl (11:30 am, $8-20)

If you have a kid, dislike sports, and happen to be reading this, you are in luck. We’ve found the best event even for your indie Brooklyn baby. Kidrockers, a cool event series put on Brooklyn Bowl, brings together your fave musicians with your fave child in an event of musican ecstasy. Even if the kid can’t tell the difference between Hooray for Earth’s lead singer or his uncle Jerry. If you’re not convinced, watch the adorable video above, which features DIIV.

If you are a Super Bowl lover, we’ve got you covered as well. Check out top 5 places in Bushwick to spend your Super Bowl Sunday.