If you’re one of those who constantly cry over the ‘good’ old ‘sorta romantic’ times in Bushwick when gangs used to terrorize the streets, and it was actually pretty dangerous to walk in Bushwick streets at night, we will stop you right there. Not that much has changed since then. Especially not in the light of the recent attacks on Bushwick women, and the True Bosses Only gang that got busted today.

Brooklyn News Corp informed today that police busted a 250-member, highly organized gang that had been terrorizing the streets of Bushwick, and committing serious crimes such as murders, assaults, burglaries etc. The gang known as TBO (True Bosses Only aka Team Bang Out) had been around since 2003, and quickly grew in numbers recruiting gang members from other gangs in Brooklyn.

The cops were able to infiltrate and bust the gang after a year-long investigation using social media; creating “fake” profiles and friending the gang members.  Especially young gang members couldn’t help but brag about their “accomplishments” such as mayhem and murder on Twitter and Facebook.

The TBO gang members were recruited as early as at the age of 12, and had to commit serious crimes in order to earn the gang’s trust. The police stated that it is remarkable how very organized the hierarchy of TBO gang was. TBO members would meet up weekly and collect money to fund their criminal operation buys guns, drugs etc.

TBO had eight leaders titled comprised mostly of founders called Top Gangsters.  The next level was the Original Gangsters, followed by Team Leaders, Warriors, and Bangers, who were the foot soldiers, writes [Brooklyn News Corp].

Thanks Peter Dressel for this tip.