Work in Progress: Photography Documentation of Artsy Bushwick by Peter Dressel

“I’ve always been fascinated at what it must have been like in the 1970s in Soho and the 1980s in the East Village. However, I’ve never been able to find good photographic documentation of that era,” says our contributing photographer Peter Dressel. “I now see the opportunity here in Bushwick to document our neighborhood at this particular moment. While it is still an artist’s haven and majority Latino. Before my loft becomes the home of a person who trades credit-default swaps. Before it becomes Williamsburg,” Peter continues to talk about his portrait and landscape of Bushwick.

He has been working on it since 2009 with the goal to once publish a photography book. We are now bringing you a little tasting sample of 12 portraits of artists photographed in their natural habitat, artist studios and space. How do you like them?













PS: You can see Peter’s work in a photography group show prepared by Bushwick Daily for December 16, 2012. Hold your hats, everyone!

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