Reading List: A Garage Sale, Tyler Perry, and Nic Cage Email Chains

With temperatures steadily in the 40s this week, you’re probably asking yourself: “I wonder whatever happened to Jodie Sweetin from Full House?”. Well, she got knocked up and owes 30K in back taxes – true story. Now once that’s settled in and you realize you’re probably doing better than Stephanie Tanner, head to one of these 10 toasty fireplaced bars and cozy up with a drink or 5. [Gothamist]

So there is a lady named Martha Rosler, and she combined art with a garage sale, and she is awesome. Ending soon, her exhibition at the MoMa “presents Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, a large-scale version of the classic American garage sale, in which Museum visitors can browse and buy second-hand goods organized, displayed, and sold by the artist”. The exhibition is ending Nov 30th, so be sure to check there soon and haggle over the price of that Three Dog Night album that you think is the good one. [MoMa]


If you’re like me… or practice the same vaguely familiar habits of any mid-20-year-old, you probably go on Facebook at some point during the day or week and catch up on statuses, pictures, and blocking people with babies… Wait… what is this long-form legal speak invading my screen with every scroll-down? Shit. People still think they can stop Facebook from sharing their info?! Didn’t we go over this last year? If you don’t want Facebook to access your information, you should probably delete Facebook. Otherwise, stick to publishing pictures of your awesomely-laid-back dog in hilarious office attire. [The L Mag]


NYU student accidentally replies all… to 40,000. Only to be one-upped by another student responding with a Nic Cage pic to same chain. In what can only be described as a sophomoric mistake…a sophomore (right?!) at NYU accidentally sent an email intended for his mom to ~40,000 students. This mistake in of itself is not that interesting… except for the fact that “thousands of students” started replying on the chain with cat pictures (duh), random questions, and a photograph of Nicolas Cage… that’s right… Ghostrider. The whole ordeal was labeled the “replyallcalypse”, except to Cage, who labeled it “still relevant”. [Yahoo!]


Tyler Perry is being sued ya’ll. After multiple attempts by almost everyone ever to sue Perry for pain and suffering resulting from watching his flicks, a woman named Terri Donald might pull off suing Perry for a cool $225K. The lawsuit states that Perry’s film Good Deeds essentially ripped off a book Donald was writing titled Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit, which doesn’t make any sense, but neither does the fact that Tyler Perry keeps getting money for films, so, thus, the Tyler Perrydox continues. [Examiner]


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