Who wouldn’t love the dark and quirky TV show Twin Peaks, one of the all time TV legends and a masterpiece by David Lynch? The series pairs especially well with cold, gloomy November nights. Just cuddle up with someone or something, and watch Agent Cooper solving the mystery of the death of Laura Palmer using his intuition and sixth sense. Let yourself be hypnotized with the surprising twists of the plot, strange characters, and natural landscapes…

Here is how you can bring more Twin Peaks into your Bushwick lives right now:

#1 Twin Peaks nights at Alaska

One of our favorite local dive bars, Alaska, just introduced their Twin Peaks nights. They will be screening the episodes every Sunday at 6:30pm. Taking into account that the interior of Alaska itself looks like the lobby of the Great Northern, we think that this is more than excellent choice!


#2 Black Lodge show at Interstate Projects

The Black Lodge is the title of the current show at Interstate Projects, an excellent gallery at 63 Knickerbocker. The owner and director, Tom Weinrich, organized an art show of 9 artists channeling the energy of the legendary Black Lodge. “It is a space of spiritual and psychological transformation. A surreal environment where visitors confront their doppelganger, lose their understanding of space and time, emerging as a pure being or staying trapped in a maze of red curtains, giants, and non-sequiturs,” says Tom. The Black Lodge is up until December 9 and the gallery is open on Fridays through Sundays, 12 pm – 6 pm, and by appointment.




#3 Twin Peaks cocktails at Café Ghia

Cozy corner restaurant and bar Café Ghia has some Twin Peaks specialty cocktails. Mysterious The Black Lodge is made of Scotch, chai and honey and will warm you up just like a smile of Audrey Horn or a session with Dr. Jacoby.


#4 Twin Peaks outfits from Urban Jungle

One has to appreciate the aesthetics and the fashion choices of the early 1990s small Pacific Northwest town. Teenage fashion blogger sensation Tavi Gevinson has been saying so for a long time, and we cannot help but agree. The question is where to find the fashionable artifacts, starting with the Audrey Horn shoes and ending with Annie Miss Twin Peaks dress. At Urban Jungle, dear friends! Nothing can warm one’s Twin Peaks heart as much as a ton of obscure clothes in one spot. Here are a couple of inspirations for you from the series:

#5 Weekend Twin Peaks binge at home

If all you want is to actually shamelessly binge on Twin Peaks at home this weekend, there is nothing easier. The show is on Netflix or you can order Twin Peaks DVDs on Amazon.

Happy watching! And remember: fear opens The Black Lodge, love opens The White Lodge. It is your choice!