Hey My Survivors!

Update: L service between Broadway Junction and Manhattan resumed this afternoon, following repair work to components inside the Canarsie Tube, which connects the line between Manhattan’s East Side and Brooklyn’s Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods.The Canarsie Tube was flooded from end to end with ceiling high water following Hurricane Sandy last week.

We are monitoring the L & G trains for you and keeping you abreast of their operating status. Also we’ll let you know about any other trains that can get you back over to Gotham City and in return. Don’t fret your pretty little souls! MTA workers are actually trying their best to restore service. Peep the video here!

Hang in there! If anyone can handle an acopalyspe then it’s us, Bushwickians! Don’t forget We are Survivors!

As of 11/07/12 11:00pm

  train has been restored along the Church Avenue to Court Square in Queens, but with considerable delays.

 trains operate between the Jamaica Center Station and the Chambers Street Station, making all local stops.

 train is operating normally with few delays. Making all stop except the Knickerbocker one over here in Bushwick.

 trains operate between 8 Avenue Station and Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway Station

B60 bus, connecting with the  at the Marcy Avenue Station  <<< Use this to stay within in BK unless you want to bike or dish out mulla for a cab!

Happy Storming!


Yours Truly,

Indigo Universe