“For the first time I feel safe in Bushwick!”

“Bushwick is safe, see grandma?”

A number of similar status updates were floating around Facebook and Twitter last night. Bushwick magically didn’t suffer any significant damage, didn’t lose power, internet and thanks to its location remained almost unaffected by floods. We witnessed the apocalypse through the windows and though social media, which proved to be an invaluable and the fastest source of any kind of information, while traditional media were only hardly catching up on crowd-sourced, viral going knowledge.

The only potentially troublesome source of unnecessary waters was Newtown Creek, which additionally raised environmental issues in Brooklyn and Queens. In other words, that shit is seriously polluted, people. Newtown Creek Alliance issued warnings to avoid contact with oil slicks and gunk where waters have receded. Do not touch them and ask for advice on cleanup from the waterfront businesses.


After the involuntary hurricane detention yesterday and last night, most of the Bushwickians were happy to take a walk outside and enjoy some fresh air. It has gotten cold, but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the peace that one had to be realizing now more than ever. I bumped into a number of friends cruising around Maria Hernandez Park and in the closeness of the Bushwick businesses, many of which reopened already. As the subway system remains shut (and it may take weeks to restore it to full service as officials assess), I couldn’t help but think that Bushwick is a good place to be trapped in.


I strongly felt this omnipresent feeling of gratitude wherever I went. People were talking about their experiences of last night, and everybody felt sympathy for the people who were forced out of their homes and who now have to deal with the damage, or even worse, for the people who got injured or who lost their loved ones… I believe it’s a good time to offer some help. Offer a couch to your unlucky friend from Zone A or volunteer with Red Cross. Red Cross is also accepting donations of $10 (simply by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999). Also check out this Brokelyn article  on other ways how to help in Brooklyn.



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