Brian Sensebe is the second artist to take over our Facebook cover. Who will be the next one? Maybe you… Just email us your portfolio website to and everyone in Bushwick will be looking at your art!

Here is a little bit about this week’s winner, Brian Sensebe. Brian is a Peruvian abstract painter with a relaxed attitude towards life who according to his own words can be also very determined. His favorite medium is house paint and raw canvas. Nice!  “I’ve always loved the behavior of any kind of paint on any kind of surface. Making a painting to me is an escape from contemporary society and helps to bring me back to a more simple and human way of being,” says Brian about his work and life.

Brian currently lives and works in Greenpoint but hangs out in Bushwick all the time. His greatest passion is life “is to create and always be creating, no matter what the format is.” His biggest goal is to achieve the ability to be present and grateful in each passing moment. Brian, you don’t know how much you warmed our hearts – through your work and words as well…

 Check out Brian Sensebe on our Facebook cover!