Megan Burney

The people behind The Acre, a new Ridgewood eatery opening soon, have coordinated with small business owners throughout the neighborhood to create a virtual raffle.  Anyone can enter to win an array of freebies and gifts from local shops and restaurants.  The important part: 100% of the proceeds received from this raffle will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Ridgewood Raffle is sponsored by a variety of businesses including Topos Bookstore and Cafe, Dank Brooklyn, Burrito Republic, plus many more and they are still accepting sponsors!  Business that wishes to take part in sponsoring this raffle can email [email protected] with a .jpg of their business logo and the item(s) they wish to donate. (Full list of current sponsors below).

Per The Acre Ridgewood Instagram post the rules are as follows: 

 A five dollar donation sent via Venmo to @ColleenAtTheAcre counts as one raffle ticket. 

 You can submit any amount in five-dollar increments to increase your entries.  Add your email to the note of the Venmo transaction so you can be contacted appropriately to collect your winnings.  

 The winner must be located within the five boroughs for the convenience of local delivery, but if you’re outside of the boroughs you can still submit a donation and gift your winnings to a friend here in the city.  

 Donations must be submitted June 2 – June 7, 2020 and winners will be announced on Monday, June 8.  

The winnings below will be assembled into four grab bags:

A DIY Ramen Dinner for two from The Acre (@theacreridgewood)

Five Free Burrito Vouchers from Burrito Republic (@burrito_republic)

10 Cookies and two Drink Vouchers from Cafe Moca (@cm_cafemoca)

A Dank It Yourself Vegan Banana Bread Kit from Dank Brooklyn (@dank_brooklyn)

$30 Gift Certificate to Foret Wines (@foretwines)

$30 Gift Card to Little Shop of Soil (@littleshopofsoil)

Six Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls from Millers and Makers (@millersandmakers)

$50 Gift Certificate to Norma’s (@normas_ridgewood)

$50 Gift Certificate to Porcelain (@porcelain_ny)

A Ridgewood Mug and Greeting Card from Stay Forever (@shopstayforever)

$30 Gift Card to Topos (@toposbookstore)

A Brunch Cake from Whiskey Everything (@whiskeyeverything)

Cover photo taken by @theacreridgewood.

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