By Sean Alday

Recently, I was punched in the back of the head by a teenager. This kind of punch is commonly called a “Rabbit Punch” in reference to a hunting technique for killing rabbits. This kid was with a group and upon asking around, I’m concluding that this punch was a sort of initiation between them.

It’s also possible that if I had passed out I would have been kicked and stomped and I would have definitely been robbed. This has happened to a few friends of mine, it’s likely that someone stronger punched them. They awoke with their items gone and a headache or worse. As though the theft isn’t affecting enough, one may be left with a concussion following such a punch.

The interesting thing about the human brain is how fragile it is even inside that skull. Every concussion increases susceptibility to future concussions, and in the event of brain bruising one may begin having epileptic seizures, every seizure has a negative effect on the brain. Going to the hospital is highly recommended by the internet.

What did I do wrong that night?

-I walked slower than normal that night.

-I walked right through the group of teenagers as opposed to going around them. Even if going around them added 15 minutes to my walk, I should have done so.

-I had headphones sticking out of my bag.

-I went toward a darker street (it was a shorter route) as opposed to the more lit up street.

What did I do right?

-I didn’t attempt to fight back nor pull out a weapon after being punched.

That’s about it. I’m lucky that I didn’t pass out. Upon turning around, I discovered the kid who punched me was walking backwards. His five friends were still on the other side of the street waiting to see what would happen.

As soon as it happened, a fire engine blew past with the lights going. I turned around and kept going on my way. Again I was lucky in that they didn’t follow me. But I checked over my shoulder the whole way home.

Be aware and be safe out there.

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