Anthony Johns

The Glove, a DIY music, art, and performance space in Bushwick, will host their three year anniversary this Friday, May 31, before shutting their doors later this September. The Glove recently announced the news of the closure via their Instagram account.

“With hearts full of emotion, we bring you this news: The Glove will be closing  September 1st. We need your help one last time- any little bit helps,” reads the post. “We will continue our programming throughout the summer, with many exciting, even unbelievable, bills and shows. Watch out for upcoming announcements. However, we can’t properly send off our beloved space without your support. Please donate to this GoFundMe so we can enjoy our community space for a final summer.”

“First it was a clubhouse for them” and it eventually became a “super inclusive place,” said The Glove about their initial launch. “You don’t have to have money to play there.”

The Glove cited financial issues, as well as pressure from the immediate neighborhood, that eventually led to the decision to close shop. As we talked about the trending closures of local DIY spots and the changing landscape of Bushwick, The Glove said that “DIY will never be dead in New York; this is a city of doers,” and that this is a “passing of the torch.”

The Glove had already experienced financial issues in spring of 2018, and had closed down temporarily for a month because it had trouble paying the bills. Their previous fundraising campaign states, “With your help we can continue to serve our community of artists, performers, musicians, freaks, punks, kids, adults, folks, travelers, locals, and aliens free of debt and with a new lease on nightlife.”

The glove will host their three year anniversary this Saturday, June 1, from 9 p.m. till early morning of June 2. You can support the DIY venue by donating to their  GoFundMe for the upcoming “Summer of Glove” series.

All images courtesy of The Glove.

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